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A Month of Reading – Day 31, A Year of Weeping

This is the whateverth post in A Month of Reading Closing out A Month of Reading and the year 2012 at the same time, I wish you a Happy New Year.  There hasn’t been much new to report the last few days – I finished The Boy and continued reading the biography of Dorothy Parker and […]

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A Month of Reading – Day 29, Easy

I still have those books on my nightstand that feel like work to me.  Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly and that biography of Dorothy Parker.  When I haven’t committed to a new book I mope around the house looking for something to read.  Family Circle.  Better Homes and Gardens.  Shut up.  My brain needs a rest, […]

A Month of Reading – Day 26, Recap

This is the fourteenth post in “A Month of Reading” I saw on Facebook that Kelby Carr is doing a “Best of 2012″ round up of posts from the parent-blogging world on Type A Parent.  I decided to throw my hat in the ring, so I poked around my blog starting from January 2012.  These […]

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A Month of Reading – Day 25, Catching Up

I haven’t updated this series since December 17! On December 16 I caught Kyle’s sickness.  The next day, Stewart got it too.  By then Kyle had recovered and Brady seemed to have missed it altogether.  That means in a two-parent home there were two sick parents and two healthy kids.  You know what that means […]

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