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Help a Mother Out

People DO Want To Help a Mother Out

I haven’t produced a live event of any magnitude since our wedding in 2002 (that’s right our 10-year anniversary is coming up).  At the time, I was only 30, child-free and full of energy. Now I am a haggard 40-year-old wife and mother of two with a part time job, a lovely home, school crap […]

Imagine Having To Steal Diapers

Chamika from Help A Mother Out on Vimeo.

Help a Mother’s Day Out

It’s been a while since I asked you for help. I mean, really. I ask you to read this blog and click stuff, sometimes. I ask you to watch videos. I ask you to tweet and pin and share on Facebook, sometimes. I have even asked you to pray for me. But I don’t do […]

No Butt Left Behind

Infographic: No Butt Left Behind