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What’s the Poop?

The home page here hasn’t been updated in a while because I’ve been active in other areas. In case you read my work by visiting this page, I’d like to present a round-up of what I’ve been posting lately: A video of Ellen Pompeo on Access Hollywood, announcing her role as celebrity spokeswoman for the [...]

HOP Review: Life As We Know It

Or, Lessons I’ve Learned From Katherine Heigl Movies “Life As We Know It” is the latest in Katherine Heigl’s string of seeming misadventures in the world of romantic comedy dealing with less than comic situations (a surprise pregnancy, a surprise assassin husband, and now a surprise toddler!).  I caught the trailer out of the corner [...]

Busy Body Book

I could change the name of this category to “Swag I Use,” because as I’ve mentioned, I get tons of swag, not even as much as other bloggers.  There are piles and piles of it to go through periodically.  Last night I made a list of the things I could think of, off the top [...]

BlogHer 2010 Swag Confessional

We say it’s crazy.  We lament the waste, the pure commercial excess of it.  We pretend we don’t even want it. But secretly, and yes I’m including you, we love the swag. The shiny new packaging.  The unexpected bounty.  The tubes and pots and bags and cellophane and ribbons and bows.  And then the smoke [...]