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Behind The Scenes of the Holiday Card

This may or may not be the actual card I send IRL.

Mad About Mad Gab’s Moose Lip Shimmer

I am sucker for lip gloss and lip balm.  Lipstick – meh, I could go either way, but wave a tasty, shiny lip gloss or a soothing lip balm in front of me and I’ll bite. I agreed to review products by Mad Gab because they are natural, cute, and they have lip balm. But [...]

What’s the Poop?

The home page here hasn’t been updated in a while because I’ve been active in other areas. In case you read my work by visiting this page, I’d like to present a round-up of what I’ve been posting lately: A video of Ellen Pompeo on Access Hollywood, announcing her role as celebrity spokeswoman for the [...]

HOP Review: Life As We Know It

Or, Lessons I’ve Learned From Katherine Heigl Movies “Life As We Know It” is the latest in Katherine Heigl’s string of seeming misadventures in the world of romantic comedy dealing with less than comic situations (a surprise pregnancy, a surprise assassin husband, and now a surprise toddler!).  I caught the trailer out of the corner [...]