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Swag of the Day

Swag of the Day: Elmo’s A-To-Zoo Adventure For Wii

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment sent us a copy of the new Elmo game for Wii, complete with fuzzy remote cover that limits what buttons a toddler can push.  I was excited for the kids to try it out because it seemed simple enough for a younger child to control, and I would be spared some [...]

Me Feel Happy – The Big Foot Mood App

You can win a Big Foot toy by installing the Big Foot Mood app on your Facebook page and entering the contest.  What a great prize just in time for Christmas! Fisher Price is kindly sending me some compensation for telling you about this app. Me feel happy!

Behind The Scenes of the Holiday Card

This may or may not be the actual card I send IRL.

Mad About Mad Gab’s Moose Lip Shimmer

I am sucker for lip gloss and lip balm.  Lipstick – meh, I could go either way, but wave a tasty, shiny lip gloss or a soothing lip balm in front of me and I’ll bite. I agreed to review products by Mad Gab because they are natural, cute, and they have lip balm. But [...]