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Swag of the Day

KleanSpa Whipped Shea Body Butter

I know what you’re thinking:  how much can one say about body lotion?  And I think that every time I get a swag bag from an event with body lotion in it.  And then when I go through my swag bag, I smell the body lotion and either toss it into the re-gift satchel that […]

Hate Is a Bad Word

I received a copy of “The Day Leo Said I Hate You” by Robie Harris back October, before I stopped accepting reviews.  You can see why.  The backlog is incredible.  If I reviewed everything that came my way, I’d never blog about anything else, much less actually read to my children. But I was intrigued […]

The Holiday Hug Wish List, Inspired By Moji

In October I attended the inaugural Creative Alliance event in Ojai, CA.  The event was underwritten by two brands.  TWO.  Both brands sent representatives to attend the conference alongside the 30 or so other women who showed up.  We all bonded with them.  They were real, inspiring, and inspired.  And that’s why I am choosing […]

Swag of the Day: Elmo’s A-To-Zoo Adventure For Wii

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment sent us a copy of the new Elmo game for Wii, complete with fuzzy remote cover that limits what buttons a toddler can push.  I was excited for the kids to try it out because it seemed simple enough for a younger child to control, and I would be spared some […]