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Reach Out And Wipe Someone’s Nose

  Brady has had a runny nose for at least 6 weeks now.  Kyle has joined him.  As you may recall, Stewart had pneumonia recently, and I got a flu AND a really bad cold.  Our house has basically been one big snotfest with all the colds and the crying, so it was quite timely […]

Crowdsourcing Dinner

It’s weird how I’m all about food lately.  I’m not a foodie.  I dread the dinner routine.  But maybe that’s what makes this topic popular – that universal issue that everyone has every now and then  What the heck am I gonna make for dinner? In this episode of Mom’s the Word on Dinner, we […]

A Great Big BlogHer Thank You From Help a Mother Out

By “great big thank you” what I really mean is “I’m sorry my hair looks so bizarre here, but I didn’t have my stylist on hand that day.” Congratulations to Alexandra and Liz on winning these lovely iPads that were very difficult for me to release to them, because they are my precious.

The Great Help a Mother Out iPad Giveaway at BlogHer ’11 – You Can Win Online,Too

At BlogHer ’11, not one, not two, but THREE iPads will be given away to lucky donors of funds to Help a Mother Out. WIN:  In person, bring cash to the cocktail party on Thursday night.  For every $5 you donate you get a chance to win one of 2 iPads right there at the […]